Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Feed The OX!

Feed The OX!
Feed The OX!
Feed The OX and he will score!!!

Ahh, he's still to young to be playing in my opinion. not good enough yet to do any damage to any of our potential opponents. Theo should be the player who is playing on the right, more so than him. But with Johnson behind him, never good.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Come On!

As the internet is getting bigger and better, more and more people won't be trying to use blogs. It will filter out the useless bloggers, and the mass-writers for the mass-readers will dominate. This is why i am going to be using twitter. Twitter can give us the chance to properly talk about everything - Arsenal included.
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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

How long will this boring transfer saga last?

Time and time again i find myself in the summer time doing absolutely nothing. With no football on, everything seems to be at a bit of a loss. When there's a world cup or Euro year, the media dont seem to get so uptight about every little 'rumour' that 'occurs'. Whatever happened to just let the clubs get on with their business?

I love the way that The Arsenal deal in transfers. If we are interested in somebody, its because the other clubs/players tell the media, we keep it quiet. We know how much the media (newspapers) can twist what is said to make articles. Arsene knows. Why dont other clubs conduct in the same manner? If we sign a player, it is announced on the website,and that is the only way you know that it is true.

No rubbish to do with Joey Barton, or anyone else for that matter. Yes, we may be interested in them, yes, they may say Arsenal are a top four side, but that does not mean we are INTERESTED in them? How many players have we seriously put offers in for? I doubt its as many as the papers say we have.

Lets look at this Cahill story. I feel as though we are waiting upon Bolton to say a price, and we will then say what we think. We are also waiting upon Chelski and City to say £20+ or whatever he's supposedly worth.

Arsene understands that football cant last much longer the way in which it is going. He is a genius, but people cant see that. They feel the need for trophies is the most important thing? Yes i agree, but for me, the ability to win them in style. To win them in our style. To win them, knowing that we've done it on our own accord. No money bag sheiks, no rich Rushki. We can win it properly. We can win it, Arsene's way.

I for one, want him to stay at Arsenal and get the job done. He will complete it. My only worry is if Usmanov or Kroenke want him out first, in which we will join the debted clubs such as City, Chelsea, United, Madrid and Barca.

Everyone, get behind Wenger and trust in his signings, because he knows what he is doing

In Arsene, We Trust.

(im expecting a bit of stick for this post, but felt my opinion had to be said)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Been A Bit Quiet Really

Well, its a lovely sunny friday here in England at the minute. The grass is being cut all over the country, people are rushing to nearest supermarket to get their barbeque foods, and children are playing in the street playing football. Oh how i've missed football this week, to match the lovely week in which we seem to be having.

Anyway, back to The Arsenal. This whole week has been extremely quiet. Wenger has kept the lid tightly sealed on any news coming out of the training ground, and rightly so in my opinion. Arsenal needed a break, and Wenger is protecting the players as he usually does, takes the blow himself, and looks forward to the next game. The Blackburn game was a poor one. Arsene knows this, the players know this, but now its up to them to change the form we are currently in. They need to step up and be accounted for. Fabregas, Van Persie, Squillaci, Almunia, even Wilshere to some extent. They need to step-up their game and become the leaders in which we are desperate for in our team. Only Wilshere this year has really developed into a great prospect, and one in which is leading from the front. Fabregas has his moments, but he cant do it single handedly, he needs everyone to step up with him, otherwise he will leave, but now is not the time to talk about that.

Also today, looking through other blogs and any sort of interesting news that has arisen today and yesterday, it seems that Nasri has been nominated for young player of the year, and proffessional footballers player. What a great honour for him, but is it me, or has he not performed for a long time now? I'm sure he got a little niggling injury, and ever since he hasn't performed anywhere near the potential that we saw then. Now dont get me wrong, it could be that Wenger has told him to do things differently, i.e. playing him in the middle instead of the wing (or vise-versa), but that doesnt stop a player from shining, in which i think his sun is slowly setting the horizon (bad metaphor i know).

I'll save all of the news which is coming through about Wenger and second place being a success, because for me, following on from last year, second place is a success, and i hope we achieve that, because at the end of last year, none of us expected us to have been this close for so long in the season. And anyway it's not over yet.

My dad's off to Blackpool tomorrow, hopes to lap up a few of Blackpool's finest (obviously the rollercoaster's) and rest his head, in the hope we can destroy Blackpool on Sunday. Until Next Time!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Midweek Madness

Im not sure how to feel after lst night if im honest. When Adbayor scored his two goals, i celebrated, but i quickly hesitated. Was i wrong to celebrate?

After the game, iread an article on the world wide web somewhere that Adebayor said that the Arsenal fans still love him? now in my opinion, the picture below still lingers in my mind:
I was there that day, and never before have i hated one player soo much.
I was having a conversation with my dad yesterday about why we hated Adebayor soo much, as he seemed to have forgotten. He got tapped up by Milan with money, he made Arsenal offer him a bigger better (money) contract. The next season, he never put the same effort in, he was never the same player. Then the yar after, he goes to Man City because of their ambition *cough money cough*. Then the picture above happened, along with his stamping on Van Persie's face. What a great man he was. Now excuse me for disliking the man, but the things i said above is enough for any Arsenal fan to hate him.

So last night, he scores two, and near enough knocks Spurs out of the competition. Along with his celebration, which i have a feeling was towards his love for Arsenal, but anyway, i wasnt sure on whether to celebrate or not? This man, from being the most hated man, to being less of one.

Was my hate for Sp*rs stronger than that of my hate for Greedybayor?

Ohwell, not much news happening with Arsenal. After a bad result, we seem to keep things very quiet. Which is good in a way. The Arsenal website seem to just be running an interview with Conor Henderson. Great lad, but too young, and could do with a loan spell to get some much nedded experience.

Anyway, i dont care about tonight's game, not as much interest in it as last nights. Should be an enjoyable match, as long as both are shattered and are knackered for the week-end, and hopefully drop of points!

Until Next Time!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Boring Boring Arsenal!

I would like to start this blog with credit to Blackburn, they didnt come here to defend and look for a 0-0. Although, they didnt exactly attack either, but i think the reason why they came out of yesterday with a point has to be becasue of the way in which their two centrebacks and goalkeeper put their bodies on the line for their team. Everytime we had the ball in the air, everytime we passed it along the floor to the strikers, everytime the ball even went near the box, there was Samba and Nelson. I think the point that summed it up was when Chamakh had a chance to perhaps score within the box. The ball comes nicely across him, side foots it with pace, and there was Nelson (can be proved wrong), diving in front of the ball, similar to that of Terry when England played against U.S.A.. We were flat. There is no other way of putting it. No-one within our team wanted that game. Where was the desire? Where was the commitment? Even when Fabregas came on for 20 odd minutes, he looked like a laboured man. That was where and how Blackburn beat us all the time. We hate going up to Ewood park, not because of it being North, not because of the weather, but because of the commitment and desire their players have for their team. Once again, Arsenal have been cut short because we dont have that 'Leader'.

Well im glad that my moaning has finished. I can now look forward to watching Champs league without any worries in the week, we can look to hopefully all of our players becoming a bit sharper on the pitch, and for Nasri to sort his egghead out that he seemed to of picked up during yesterdays match...

Here's to a lovely rest of Sunday, and a lot of catching up on work to be done, due to my laziness on Friday and The Arsenal yesterday...Wonderful.

Until Next Time!